Every Day Success Audio & E-Books

Every Day Success began producing hypnotic sound recordings in 1999 under the SleepTime banner. 

Intially, these audio products were developed to help adults with various issues, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, low self-esteem and confidence etc.

We wanted to help adults through the use of positive reinforcement psychotherapy and hypnotic suggestion.

It wasn't long before Rosemary realised that many parents needed help with children's issues, such as bedwetting, fears & phobias, negative attitude, poor concentration etc.

So we created our children's titles to address these problems, and these have proven to work so effectively that many parents are ordering them even before they've been produced!

More recently our business has taken a broader approach and we now produce motivational titles for athletes, (fromerly marketing these as SportTime products) and we also produce an extensive range of titles aimed at overcoming fears & phobias.

Our titles are superbly presented by renowned psychotherapist Rosemary Santos. They are professionally recorded to ensure you enjoy high quality audio experience.

There's more about Rosemary here.