It is well documented, and has been clinically proven (London & Cooper 1969), that children are more responsive to positive suggestions than adults.

Most research suggests that this responsiveness tends to diminish as children reach adolescence, probably due to social demands to be less fanciful, or more realistic.

Relaxation techniques used in adult hypnosis can be very effectively adapted to children, and in fact many hypnotic techniques have been found to be quite valuable with pre-school children. (Gardner 1977)

The relaxation techniques employed by Rosemary Santos in these audio products could indeed be (and often are) utilised by enlightened child psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, and even dentists, to help settle children down.

The relaxation techniques are calming, safe and effective, and very enjoyable for children to experience. Through these audio products, children are being coaxed into a state of relaxation (they'll quickly learn how to relax their mind and body) and listening to positive affirmations which will build confidence and self-esteem.

A key aspect of this is the use of the child's imagination. They are frequently asked to imagine interactions with other people, their favourite animals, or even their favourite places.


Rosemary Santos


Dip.Stress Management;

Dip.Holistic Healing;

Dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy;

Dip.Child Development.

C.M.A.C.A; F.M.A.S.C; I.M.A.S.C.H.

Rosemary is a qualified and accredited professional health practitioner, a member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH), and a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). She is also a registered supervisor with the ACA.

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