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Experience our life changing audio products for adults and children.

The perfect solution to just about any issue you or your children face in this complex world.

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Overcome AnxietyLearn about FamilyGoodbye BedwettingFun at the FarmStop WorryingBeat BullyingLearn about TeamworkOvercome Stage FrightTry New ThingsHelp Fear of the DarkStop Anxious ThoughtsAn Interactive JourneyStop Worrying (Young)A Trip To The Zoo

Helping to develop and improve social behaviour, improve communication and cognitive skills, and importantly, boosting self-confidence, is what we do. They're an integral part of each Every Day Success audio production.

Proudly presented by acclaimed clinical hypnotherapist and counselor, Rosemary Santos, these life changing audio products are powerful and incredibly effective. Start making positive changes in your life right now!  

Rosemary has skillfully blended enjoyment and entertainment with the tools, strategies and techniques needed to help people manage and control their behaviour and their feelings. Using clinically proven techniques, these audio products empower people so that they become the masters of their own thoughts and feelings. Once this happens, remarkable changes occur in attitudes, behaviours and outlooks. That’s because thoughts create feelings, and feelings affect the choices we make and how we behave.

Every Day Success audio products were originally developed to help adults overcome problems that affected their lives - such as low confidence, fears & phobias, anxiety, smoking, poor sleep, and more. While working with adults, Rosemary was often being asked if she had any products suitable for helping children with behavioural and/or attitude problems.

Rosemary was surprised to discover just how many children were battling with problems, ranging from phobias like fear of the dark or fear of flying, to issues such as anxiety, feelings of isolation and even bedwetting. So Every Day Success children’s audio products came into being along-side our adult titles.

Every Day Success audios are captivating and inspirational, with great music, and many of our children's titles have incredible sound effects to enhance interaction and enjoyment. Kids love them because they’re so “cool”, and parents say they’re like a breath of fresh air!


Proudly Presented by Renowned Psychotherapist Rosemary Santos

Dip. Stress Management;

Dip. Prof. Counselling;

Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy;

Dip. Child Development.

C.M.A.C.A; F.M.A.S.C; R.M.A.S.C.H.

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What Can Every Day Success Do

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These amazing audio products will boost self-confidence, set you on the path to success, help overcome fears & phobias, anxiety, smoking, poor sleep, panic attacks, bedwetting and more. They're powerful, positive and more than


Available as instant MP3 downloads, you'll find a remarkable selection of audio products aimed at helping adults, adolescents and children develop better social skills, improve their lives, and bring out their very best.

Just some of our true testimonials...

"Awesome products! I really didn't think this would work but it did! Thank you!" (Melanie, Maldon, Vic.)

"There are marked improvements in my children's attitudes and behaviour. These audio products are just fantastic! Thanks so much". (ADJ, Ocean Grove Mum.)

"I just wanted to say Thank you!!! We have had 10 dry nights in a row now. I was thinking of buying an expensive bed alarm, but wanted to try this audio mp3 first. Amazing! My husband wanted to buy an expensive bed wetting alarm (about $300 or more), but I convinced him to give this a go. It only took about 2 weeks of using it every night before it worked and my son Daniel has been dry now for 10 nights. He also started saying in the beginning that "I need to close the gate and hold on" this is when I knew that it was actually working, so thank you!! I work full-time, so it is such a relief to not have to change sheets and clothing in the middle of the night". (Melissa. Qld)